Samantha Smith’s Group is a nonprofit movement that helps Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion learn foreign languages online and free of charge. Samantha’s imperative is to help those who have been put in challenging life circumstances and need a foreign language to survive, work, or study in another country.
Fill out the form below to start learning English or other languages with us. Samantha’s community is growing, with more teachers from different countries joining us, and we are making our best effort to provide timely support to all the applicants.
Our groups
We assemble groups for kids and adults based on their initial level of language
Group continue for at least four months for each group and are free of charge for our students
Among Samantha’s teachers, we have both experienced professionals and beginner teachers. In our work, we try to accommodate our students’ needs by choosing the best course materials and curricula to match any specific learning goals
Samantha’s teachers organize workshops on employment and exam preparation. We also hold regular speaking club meetings for our students
Please note
If you have been living abroad for a while (i.e., you left Ukraine before February 24) and have decided to better your language skills, we are kindly asking you to save our resources so we could continue providing free English classes to those who really need it today. Our volunteer teachers are here to help Ukrainians who are forced to leave their homes in Ukraine due to the war. You too can become a volunteer with us!
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